Ernest Schwiebert Chapter of

Trout Unlimited (ESCTU)

Founded July 28, 1974

Ernest "Ernie" Schwiebert, an architect by profession, was a renowned fly fisherman and angling author. He spent his childhood in the Chicago area, earned his bachelor's degree in architecture from Ohio State University, and earned two
doctorates at Princeton University in architecture and the history and philosophy of architecture.

Ernie made many influential contributions throughout his life as an author, architect, and student of the art and science of fly fishing for trout and salmon. He wrote more than a dozen books about fly fishing and architecture.

Ernie Schwiebert was a pioneer in the fishery conservation movement and was involved in the founding of Trout Unlimited (TU), Theodore Gordon Flyfishers and the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF). He served as a Director of both Theodore Gordon Flyfishers and the Atlantic Salmon Federation, and on the scientific advisory boards of TU, FFF and The Nature Conservancy. In recognition of his contributions, this Trout Unlimited Chapter is proudly named for him.  

A Tribute To Ernest Schwiebert


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Saturday, February 25, 2017
Hopewell Valley Golf & Country Club
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Monday, February 13, 2017
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A Message From Our President

Driven indoors by the rain, I sat at my fly tying bench conjuring up the ”Woodcocker,” a fly dressing , tailed, winged and hackled entirely of Woodcock feathers, plucked from birds that I had killed on the last day in New Jersey December 30.  As I did so, I pondered how January 1st directly related to the birds which I hunted and the fish which to which I cast. I could discern not direct relationship to Salmonoids, the birds which I hunted, nor nature's world other than humans. The December full moon was thought by many Woodcock hunters to herald the exodus of Woodcock from New Jersey across Delaware Bay to continue their migration South . A Northeast wind, temperatures below freezing, were also important factors thought to influence that departure.  However, modern telemetry has not confirmed these experiential deductions. None of these factors related to January 1 as significant to any species other than humans.  Perhaps January one’s influence on present day society may relate more to  ingestion of mind and behavior modifying natural substances, than the natural world’s influence upon us.

None the less we as humans, celebrate the birth of Janus, the Roman god with two faces one to look at  back at and one to look forward. Despite my Celtic heritage which did not, I am sure, recognize Janus, I am constrained by our traditions to look back at the year passed and forward to the year ahead. I ask you to do the same with regard to ESCTU, and your relationship to our chapter. Let us work together, to make your membership in the chapter more meaningful, to help us bring to you what you desire from membership. Let us work together to honor the goals of TU, to experience , share and protect the environment in which trout live. Let us make ESCTU a significant part of the way you accomplish that relationship. We shall devote our selves to make ESCTU relevant to the members of TU to promote camaraderie, knowledge, and experience to strengthen your relationship with trout and their environment through the vehicle of fishing.

With these thoughts, I return to the development of the Woodcocker to contemplate its image and the way I shall fish it to establish a connection between me, the birds that I hunt and the fish for which I cast, and the environment which we  all share.

May the New Year  bring you health, peace, love, and understanding.

Bernie Campbell


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