The ESCTU Board of Directors is responsible for the general supervision of the Chapter’s affairs and finances.


Bob Bishop

(215) 696-0476


The President serves as general executive officer and appoints the chairs of all Chapter committees.  The President oversees all activities of the chapter and presides at all membership and board meetings.  


Vice President

Eddy Rogers

(609) 455-7273

The Vice President assumes the duties of the President if the President is absent or unable to perform the President’s duties. The Vice President performs the duties assigned by the Board of Directors and the President.


George Jaccoud

(609) 751-4446

The Treasurer has custody of all funds and property of the Chapter. With the President, the Treasurer signs and executes, in the name of the Chapter, all contracts, agreements and other obligations of the Chapter. The Treasurer also submits the chapter Annual Financial Report (AFR) to Trout Unlimited, and makes all necessary filings with the Internal Revenue Service and state and local authorities. 


Greg DeAngelis

(609) 529-2605

The Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors and the general membership and keeps an accurate and current record of all Chapter memberships.  The Secretary assists the Treasurer in preparing the AFR form.  The Secretary sends all required notices to members of the Chapter, as required by chapter bylaws or otherwise.  The Secretary also maintains the correspondence of the Chapter.

Past Chapter President

Bernie Campbell

(609) 439-3672


Jeff Conover

(732) 754-1047

George R. Hryvniak
(732) 841-6335

Ralph Koerner
(609) 439-7280

Maurice Mahler

Stewart vonOehsen

609 915 6919

Joel Weiner


----------     Committees     ----------

Communications Committee

Greg DeAngelis (chair)

(609) 529-2605

Jeff Conover
(732) 754-1047

The Communications Committee is responsible for the chapter website (, Facebook page (Ernest Schwiebert Chapter of Trout Unlimited - ESCTU), and the ESCTU Newsletter (a monthly emailing).  Past ESCTU newsletters are archived and available for viewing by clicking on the Newsletter icon on the left hand side of this page.

Conservation/Education Committee

Bill Hannisch (chair)
(215) 860-5130

Harry Zickler
(609) 587-6983

This committee is responsibie for activities and projects that directly support Trout Unlimited's conservation agenda.  This committee is also responsible for educational programs and youth activities.  ESCTU currently supports the Trout In the Classroom (TIC) and Onion Sack programs in ten local area schools.

Fly Tying Program Committee

Jeff Conover (chair)

(732) 754-1047

Greg DeAngelis

(609) 529-2605

The Fly Tying Program Committee is responsible ESCTU's Fly Tying Program. This program provides education to ESCTU members through fly tying presentations presented by very talented members and guest tyers. 

Guest Speaker Committee

George Jaccoud (chair)
(609) 751-4446

The Guest Speaker Committee is responsible for identifying and scheduling Guest Speakers for upcoming monthly meetings and special events.

 Outings Committee

Ralph Koerner (chair)

(609) 439-7280

This committee identifies and organizes chapter outings (e.g., fishing trips, picnics).  The chapter typically sponsors 2 to 3 outings a year to various rivers in the tri-state area.

George R. Hryvniak (chair)
(732) 841-6335

The Membership Committee manages the annual membership renewal drive and membership recruitment, processes new and renewing member applications, and maintains accurate member records.

Veterans Services Coordinator

George Jaccoud

(609) 751-4446

The Veterans Services Coordinator works with organizations such as Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) and Heroes on the Water (HOW) to to serve our nation’s veterans and active military, able and disabled, their spouses, and their families and involve them with TU chapter activities with the ultimate goal of engaging them in meaningful and sustaining ways with the TU community locally and the mission more universally.