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Angelo Conti

NJ One Fly Fisherman of the Year!!!

The 2nd Annual NJ Fly Fisherman of the Year tournament was held on Saturday November 12th at the Raritan Inn at Califon NJ.  This year’s winner was ESCTU’s own Angelo Conti.   Angelo caught a mid size brown and a midsize rainbow during the chilly morning session that put him in the finals with two other fisherman for the afternoon championship round.  Three beats were selected for the afternoon finals and each fisherman would spend 20 minutes in each beat before switching off.  The first round was fishless for all three finalists.  During the second round, Angelo hooked a good size brown that would have been the clincher and battled him to the surface before it spit his fly.  Angelo’s line ended up high in a tree and he was forced to break it off.  Angelo selected a yellow woven egg pattern as his fly for both sessions and now he was down to his last fly. 


The three finalists went into the last 20 minute session fishless.  Almost miraculously, all three fisherman hooked up nearly simultaneously mid way through the last session.   One fisherman lost his fish.  The fisherman from Central Jersey landed a 12 inch brook trout, the species with the highest multiplier.   Angelo would need to land his fish to stay in the running.  It was clear from the bend in his rod that he had a good fish.  The fish treated everyone to a show by giving an impressive leap straight into the air.  When it finally came to the judges net, it was clear that Angelo would take the tourney with an impressive 19 inch rainbow.

Click on the link below to see great video by Tightlines Productions of the 2011 NJ Fly Fisherman of the Year event starring none other than Angelo Conti!!!


Congratulations Angelo!   You represented the chapter well and made us proud.

Angelo guiding what would prove to be the winning fish, a 19 inch rainbow, towards the judges net

Angelo guiding what would prove to be the winning fish, a 19 inch rainbow, towards the judges net.