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The ESCTU Monthly Meeting Minutes (both Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Chapter Meeting Minutes. Between the Meeting Minutes, Quarterly Newsletters and the ESCTU Facebook page, are the most important vehicles used to disseminate information to ESCTU members.  

For those of you that miss the interesting trout related stories and fly fishing tips included in the ESCTU Trout Release Newsletters of the past, please visit the ESCTU's Facebook page for more of the same by clicking the icon below.  ESCTU's Facebook page enables two-way communication between members and with the general public. Members are encouraged to submit stories and photos that would be of interest to other chapter members and/or that support the goals of TU.

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2018/2019 Board of Director's Meeting Minutes

Download  BoD June 2018 Minutes

Download BoD August 2018 Minutes

Download BoD September 2018 Minutes

Download BoD October 2018 Minutes

Download BoD November 2018 Minutes

Download  BoD December 2018 Minutes

Download  BoD January 2019 Minutes

2018/2019 Chapter Meeting Minutes

Download June 2018 Minutes

Download September 2018 Minutes

Download October 2018 Minutes

Download November 2018 Minutes

Download December 2018 Minutes

Download January 2019 Minutes