Press Releases

An Important Message From Bernie Campbell

When I got home Monday night, it hit me - the voice in my head cried, ”What have you done? Are you really the right person." So I stayed up all night seeking an answer. At about 3:30 a.m., this thought came to me, “I am not, but as a group, we are.” I am asking each of us, as I did, to reflect on how we came to the Schwiebert  Chapter, what were our expectations, and have they been met? If not, what must we do to meet them? Each of our journeys to membership have different beginnings, and traveled different paths, but we came to the same destination. Are we where we thought we’d be? If not, what must we do to enable us to feel that we have arrived?

I heard many statements of how members' expectations are not being fulfilled, of dissatisfaction with the experience that this chapter is offering, lack of fellowship and camaraderie, little sharing of knowledge and experience, among other complaints. I invite each of you to tell us what you'd like to see this chapter do, and how we can make your membership enriching as well as satisfying. I believe another meeting, devoted to the sharing of those ideas, would be very beneficial. We will attempt to arrange a follow-up meeting to take place between now and the end of February, and will inform you via email as soon as a date and place have been set.


I propose that we have three committees: entertainment, membership and nominating. Entertainment shall be responsible for speakers, trips and outings, and the banquet. Membership shall be responsible for outreach, recruitment, fellowship and meeting agendas. Nominating shall be in charge of providing candidates for offices and committee appointments, if not enough volunteers have come forward. If you would be willing to serve on one of these committees please let me know. You can do so by clicking “reply” to this email and letting me know your committee preference, or you can email me directly at This organization is only a suggestion.Those of you with administrative skills, please provide your guidance.

We need your willingness to volunteer for a committee. The more involvement we have and the broader the spectrum of members guiding us, the richer will be our overall experience and the less time that each must devote to committee membership. We must all come together in a bond of fellowship to create the experience which we seek and reach the goals which we set…Let us begin now. 

Bernie Campbell