The ESCTU Secret Waters Program

To enable chapter members to get to know each other better, the ESCTU Board of Directors  has agreed to put together a program for us to fish together in small groups in unfamiliar waters you probably would not know about our have access to. To do this, we will need two groups of members: 1) Hosts willing to share their secret/private waters and personal time with fellow chapter members 2) Guest(s) (1 or 2) interested in fishing these secret/private waters with their host.
Ralph Koerner will act as chairman and coordinate who goes with whom and I will be assisting him. We would like to formulate a list of members willing to host one of these one-day excursions by our May 14th Chapter Meeting. This is our casting clinic meeting, but we plan to have a short business meeting prior to casting at which time we will ask for host volunteers.
We will need each host to provide their name, email address, description of the secret/private water, date or dates it can or can’t be done, number of anglers that the host can take, and brief particulars like costs (e.g., guest fee),  lunch accommodations (provided or bring your own), whether it  includes an overnight accommodation (see the example below).  If you are willing to host 1 or 2 members, and cannot wait till the May 14th Chapter Meeting, you can email the information identified above to or The chapter in turn will disseminate the list for members to review.
Second, prior to our May 14th Chapter Meeting , we would like a list of those of you who wish to fish one of these secret/private waters with the host and email them to : or in order of preference (1, 2 or 3). We, in turn, will do our best to accommodate your wishes and have your pairings available prior to the June 12th Chapter Meeting as well as email them to you with all the particulars.
Note that only those members that have paid their TU National dues and are assigned to our chapter (227 - Ernest Schwiebert Chapter) are eligible to participate. Unused assignments or cancellations do not carry over to a different date or season. Assigned guests of host are expected to show up as scheduled.
Here is what the host information should look like:

1) Henryville Fly Fishers  
Host:  Bob Bishop (215) 696-0476
Date: TBD
Cost: $75.00 per person and includes lunch
Number of rods: 2
Henryville Fly Fishers is a private club. (It is just a 1 ½ hours from Central Jersey) It is on 4 1/2 miles of the Paradise Creek in Henryville, Pa. (Poconos) with over 75 pools that have been designed to hold fish. Stocked with 16-18” Brown Trout it also has Rainbows and Brookes in the stream. This is a wading stream on a coldwater limestone-fed stream. 

2) Big Flatbrook I 
Host: George Jaccoud (609) 751-4446
Date: TBD (Some weekdays & weekends available)
Cost: N/A (Bring your own food & drinks)
Number of rods: 1 

We will be fishing a private stretch of the Big Flatbrook located in the scenic Minisink Valley that extends from the Delaware Water Gap north to Port Jervis, New York -- a 2 hour drive from the Princeton area. This is a wading stream that requires some hiking.  Great nymphing water!!!

3) Rosedale or Mercer Lakes
Host: Ralph Koerner (609) 439-7280
Date: TBD (sometime during July - August)
Cost: N/A (Bring your own food & drinks)
Number of Rods: 1

Rosedale Lake is a small lake in Hopewell Township. Here you will be fishing by canoe for a variety of pan fish and trout.  Mercer Lake is home to many fish, including Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Yellow Perch, catfish, and Musky.

4) Big Flatbrook II
Host: Jeff Conover (732) 754-1047
Date: TBD (Some week days and weekends available.)
Cost: N/A (Bring your own food & drinks.  Flies and custom hand-tied leaders will be available at minimum cost.) 
Number of rods: 1

The Big Flatbrook is known as one of the best trout streams in New Jersey. Located on a scenic farm, we will be fishing just under 1 mile of a private section of the stream. Just a 2 hour drive from the Princeton area.  This is a wading stream that requires some mid-level hiking. (Bring your camera.)

5) Raritan South Branch (Ken Lockwood Gorge to Venoy Bridge)
Host: Greg DeAngelis (609) 529-2605
Date: TBD
Cost: N/A (Lunch/Supper is on your own)
Number of rods: 1-2

We will fish from the Ken Lockwood Gorge upstream on the South Branch of the Raritan River to the Venoy Bridge above Califon.  The South Branch is a riffle pool riffle stream is stocked with Rainbow Trout and also has some native Brown Trout and reports of a few Brook Trout. This is a wading stream for Dry Flies and Nymphs…typically afternoon & evening fishing. 

If you are interested in hosting an ESCTU Secret Waters trip, please contact Ralph Koerner at or Bob at and provide your name, preferred email address, description of the secret/private water, date or dates it can or can’t be done, number of anglers that you can take, and brief particulars like costs (e.g., guest fee),  lunch accommodations (provided or bring your own), whether it  includes an overnight accommodation (see the list above for examples).  The list will then be updated on the website and identified in future ESCTU eNewsletters.

Let's go fishing!