Chapter Local Waters

Local Waters Program

We are meeting on June 15th at 9am

NOTE: The Bridge on Hopewell Rocky Hill Road east side of Aunt Molly Road is being repaired and there are detours -See Bottom Map

The Ernest Schwiebert Chapter Trout Unlimited has adopted some streams/brooks "Local Water" in our own backyard as candidates for conservation projects.

We are exploring the possibilities of teaming up with other like minded community organizations, corporate sponsors and government agencies to to make this happen.

We are also investigating the State of NJ High School graduation volunteer service requirements. We are hoping the Local Water program would qualify to provide the community service hours for area high school students. This would be an outstanding opportunity for them to serve their community by restoring local waters back to their natural state.

These are the "Local Water " locations we are working on:

6 areas for our cleanup are noted on Map Below with [X]

On the Stony Brook and Beden's Brook

The Post Cleanup BBQ will be held at 106 Aunt Molly Road Hopewell Road