Ernest Schwiebert Prints

Fine Art Giclée Prints from the Ernest Schwiebert Collection

Esteemed Author, Artist, and Fly Fisherman

Proceeds fund the Chapter's conservation & education programs

Prints are Embossed with the Ernest Schwiebert Chapter Trout Unlimited Seal of Authenticity

Proceeds Fund the Chapter's Conservation & Education Efforts

The beauty of these fish have been dutifully captured

by esteemed author, artist, and fly fisherman – Ernest Schwiebert

Online & In Person Ordering with Credit Card

Fishing Clubs/Lodges - TU Councils/Chapters

Package Offer

Order the Package of 10 Ernest Schwiebert prints for $1000 a 33% savings if purchased Individually.

These are beautiful pieces of art that will look wonderful if hung on the walls of your clubs and lodges

Running 50:50's of one or more of the prints at your meetings and events will give your organization's fundraising committee the opportunity raise funds.

We have experienced first hand that when selling 50:50 tickets at $10 each ( minimum of 20 or more tickets sold) we are seeing a 100% or more return on their initial investment.

The Ernest Schwiebert Prints do extremely well at banquets and are often the focal point of the raffle table items.

Ernest Schwiebert Prints FAQ's

Q: Who was Ernest Schwiebert?


Q: Who is the Ernst Schwiebert Prints Customer Service Point of Contact?

A: Robert Bishop 215 696 0476

Q: Where can I get a Description of the Ernest Schwiebert Prints?

A: Descriptions of all the Ernest Schwiebert Prints we are currently being offering for sale can be here - Then Click on Image of each Trout for a full description

Q: Why are you selling the Ernest Schwiebert Prints?

A : To fund Trout Unlimited National, State, and Chapter conservation projects

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Visa MC AMEX Discover

Q: What are my Shipping Costs?

A: Within the US shipping is included in price, We are looking into options for International Shipping.

Contact Robert Bishop 215 696 0476 for International Orders

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We ship FEDEX Ground within the 50 States We are looking into options for International Shipping.

Contact Robert Bishop 215 696 0476 for International Orders

Q: Where are the Ernest Schwiebert Prints shipped from?

A: From our Order Fulfillment Business Partner in Princeton Junction NJ

Q: How long does it take you to process my order?

A: Five to Seven Days

Q: Do you provide me with package Tracking ?

A: Yes, Customers are emailed the FEDEX Tracking Number the day the package ships

Q: What is your Returns Policy?

A: We do not accept returns on Ernest Schwiebert Prints, We will honor the replacement of a damaged Ernest Schwiebert Print and ship out a replacement along with a shipping label to return the damaged merchandise. Any damaged Ernest Schwiebert Print not returned within 10 days of delivery of the replacement Ernest Schwiebert Print will be charged for the replacement as well.

Q: What other Ernest Schwiebert Prints are going to be offered to in the future?

A: This is a List of Ernest Schwiebert Prints that we currently offer

Available Now!

Brown Trout - Salmon Turra

Kern River Rainbow Trout - Salmon Gilberti

Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout - Salmo Clarkii Virginalis

South Fork Golden Trout - Salmo Agua Bonita

Volcano Creek Golden Trout - Salmo Roosevelt

Brook Trout - Salvelinus Fontinalis

Yellow Stone Cutthroat Trout- Salmo Clarki Leivisi

Paiute Trout - Salmo Sleniris

Gila Trout - Salmo Gilae

Arctic Grayling - Thymallus Articus

Coming Soon!

Selkirk Trout - Salmo Whithouse

Lake Trout - Salvelinus Namaycush

Colorado Cutthroat - Salmo Pleuritcus

Arctic Char - Salvelinus Alpinus

Mexican Golden - Salmo Chrysogaster

Alpine Cutthroat - Salmo Alpestris

Aurora Char - Salvelinus Timgamiensis

Humbolt Trout - Salmo Humbodtensis

Moriah Trout - Salmo Behkei

Montana Grayling - Thymallus Montanus

Pacific Char - Salvelinus Spectabilis

Lahontan Cutthroat - Salmo Henshawi

Alvord Trout - Salmo Alvodensis

Rainbow Trout - Salmo Gairdneri

McCloud Rainbow - Salmo Shasta

Humbolt Trout - Salmo Clarki Humbodtensis


Ernest Schwiebert


Leigh Visual Imaging Solutions

Print size:

8 x 10 inches

Border size:

11 x 14 inches

Framed size:

12 x 15 inches


Open Edition Fine Art Giclée Prints on archival paper of Ernest Schwiebert Artwork with the Ernest Schwiebert Chapter Trout Unlimited Embossed Seal of Authenticity. You will receive this beautiful framed Print with a Thank You letter from the Ernest Schwiebert Chapter Trout Unlimited confirming your purchase. Prints are shipped in faux wood composite frame with framing grade glass cover.

Purchases benefit the Chapter's Conservation and Education Programs