Chapter Membership

Membership Director

If you are a TU member and have recently relocated to our area and would like to join our Chapter follow instructions below

Email: Subject: Transfer TU Membership (In) Include: Previous Chapter Name/State and Your Contact Info

Chapter Membership Stats

Updated Monthly ( November 11, 2019)

2019 YTD New Members - Included in Active Count


TU Membership that expired from 1 to 6 months ago - Included in Active Count


TU Membership that lapsed >6 months ago - Not Included in Active Count


2019 YTD Active Status Adult/Youth - Does not include family members under Family Membership (FA)





  • BU-Outfitter/Guide/Business
  • CCF-Coldwater Conservation Fund
  • CN-Conservator
  • FA-Family/Contributor
  • FL-Family Life
  • LI-Life
  • RE-Regular
  • SP-Sponsor
  • SR-Senior
  • STEW-Stewardship Council
  • SE-Stream Explorer
  • TUEB-TU Endorsed Business
  • TUEG-TU Endorsed Guide
  • TR-Trial
  • TCCF-Trial Cold Water Conservation Fund

Heat Map of Membership by Zip Code

Update Contact Information for the Chapter Roster

We need this so we can communicate the Chapters annual program to our members.

Current members can update their e-mail address, US mailing address, phone numbers and

other membership information by calling TU Customer Service Team at 1-800-834-2419 or

emailing Trout Unlimited at