Chapter Orvis Partnership

Chapter Orvis Partnership

Orvis and Trout Unlimited Working Together:

Ernest Schwiebert TU members volunteer at the Princeton Orvis store educational , they assist staff during the casting and knot tying segments of the Stores Fly Fishing 101 Program. They also volunteer during Fly Fishing 201 Sessions at Mountain Lakes Preserve in Princeton.

At the completion of the training sessions the TU Members are provided a few minutes to discuss Trout Unlimited's mission nationally, regionally and in the community.

Every student completing the Princeton Orvis Fly Fishing 101 Introductory Training session are offered a free first year membership in Trout Unlimited, compliments of Orvis.

This is a great example of how Princeton Orvis and Trout Unlimited are working together.

Princeton Orvis Fly Fishing 101

Princeton Orvis Fly Fishing 101 Program in a Nutshell:

2 hr Training Sessions

Students are greeted at Princeton Orvis Learning Center by Bruce Turner, the Orvis Fishing Manager

An overview of the Fly Fishing 101 Program is discussed

Students are supplied a fly rod and head to the courtyard outside Princeton Orvis Store to be instructed in and practice the basics of casting

Students then return to the Orvis Learning Center and get a step by step review of Fly Fishing Essentials. The classes are interesting and informative.

The knowledgeable Orvis staff is available after the fly Fishing 101 Program to assist the students with their equipment needs and to answers any questions.


Orvis Learning Center

Classroom Session Orvis Learning Center

Casting Session in the Courtyard